3 projects

Mid november, I’ll be in pre-maternity leave. Since I’m totally not used to be at home thàt much, I’ll be needing some things to do.

Besides killing every spider and bacteria (finally), and getting our toddlergirl to the daycare, I’ll be having some fun with 3 projects.


1° the project from the previous post; (the granny-square babyblanket),

2° knitting my socks off (pun intended) for some new warm baby clothing (Allright, winter baby’s!!). Like this cute pakje for instance.

3° And designing the birth card for the bellybaby myself. Inspiration: check, execution: mid november!

When I’ll get really bored, I might give in to my urges for redecorating the childrens room and buying some new furniture.  That sounds awfully posh (like we have all the money), but it’ll be needed.

Some pictures will come later, perhaps color-censored, baby’s gender is yet to be a surprise!


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