P2: “knitting socks off”

I promised some updates.

Project 1 (P1) is coming along as well, but I forgot it to take it out of the car. And since there’s a serious parkingproblem in Antwerp city, it’s actually too much of a fuss to get it right now. I’m also sick at home right now, so I’m off the hook.
Project 2 (P2), calling it “knitting socks off” is actually the one I like doing the most. I’ve done het kruippakje allready. It isn’t my most esthetical one so far, but I’ve discovered that knitting reversed stocking stitch (Averecht aan voorkant, recht aan achterkant) is somewhat ugly when sewing the parts together. The buttons do make it a lot prettier though.


The next on the list is with Moss stitch (rijstkorrel). It’s difficult to knit, in that sence, that my arm gets tired of getting the thread to the other side between every stitch. It has a nice structure though. Firm and solid. I won’t show the pattern as well, but I’ve got like 3 Phildar-baby-collection knitting magazines, so it’s Phildars :).
This is a preview:


P3 progressed as well, but I can’t show previews :). That’ll have to wait till February!


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